Your Photographer


I’m Don Fitzsimmons. I’ll spare you the drawn out story about my journey into photography. In short, I discovered film photography in high school, became obsessed with photography and even went on to win honorable mention in the 1993 Arizona State photography contest. 🏆 That’s right, honorable mention.

From landscapes to products and even automotive photography, I’ve tried it all. The one genre of photography I always came back to is portraiture. There’s something gratifying about making a portrait of a person, capturing the expression they’re looking to convey and seeing the value a client gets when they use their headshot to promote themselves.

That’s why I specialize in headshots.

My goal is to make my clients look their best. I go to great lengths to make sure this happens, from the lighting to the retouching. But more importantly, I work hard to make sure the end product conveys your message and makes a great impression with a natural expression.

Yes, I shot my own headshot. The thing is, just like with my client headshots, the hardest part was getting a natural expression. I couldn’t fake a genuine expression no matter how hard I tried (nobody can). My wife had to stand on the other side of the camera and make me laugh. It took a while before we caught a natural look.