Yes, Just Headshots

Although this website is brand new (and this is the first blog post), I’m not new to shooting headshots. I’ve been doing this for years. But, in the past, I’ve also shot other types of portraits. Now I’m focused on one thing: headshots. You know, do one thing and do it well. That’s what I’m after.

A headshot from 2013 when I realized I enjoyed headshots more than any other type of portrait.

A headshot from 2013 when I realized I enjoyed headshots more than any other type of portrait.

Specializing seems risky. If I only do one thing, I’ll miss out on opportunities in other areas. I don’t think so. I’m much more interested in focusing on creating exceptional headshots and I’m motivated by the value a great headshot brings to people. I’ve seen it happen first-hand.

I know, that seems like marketing-speak, but it’s not. I’ve seen my clients improve their image, and I’m not talking about the photo, with their headshot. I enjoy using photography to bring people value. Seeing my client’s images on the back of books, on LinkedIn, in newsletters, websites and brochures, it’s really rewarding for both my clients and for me.

So yes, just headshots, but not just any headshots. My goal is to produce exceptional headshots that bring lasting value. I practice my craft regularly, in my studio, on myself. It’s weird to shoot hundreds of images of yourself, but it ensures that I’m never practicing on my clients, that I know what works and what doesn’t. I’m not producing cookie-cutter images.

I try all kinds of different lighting and posing, but this continuing practice also helps me empathize with my clients. It’s awkward standing in front of a camera, for anyone. I know how it feels because I do it regularly. So, I know how people feel on the other side of my camera. I have way too many awkward photos of myself as a result, but I won’t show you those. No, really, it’s truly embarrassing.

Anyway, this specialization is new for me, this website is new for me and I’m excited to focus on this one thing. I’m most excited to see what kind of value my clients get from their images.